bridal shower yogurt parfait bar

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Bridal shower brunch is all the rage now. Yes I know you want to get in on that trend but you have found out planning the perfect bridal shower brunch isn’t a piece of cake especially when it comes to the food. Deciding on the food options to serve can be really stressful.

What if I told you there is an easy way to go about planning the bridal shower food. I have a food that takes little time to prepare, Instagram-worthy and above all healthy. It’s called a Yogurt parfait bar.

The bridal shower yogurt parfait bar is not only easy to setup it also gives guests the chance to eat whatever they like as each guest  serves herself.

Here is how to build the perfect bridal shower yogurt parfait bar.

What You’ll Need

Yogurt – Different flavors of yogurt such as vanilla, plain, Greek, strawberry, low fat and more (you can use between two to four different flavors)

Yogurt for bridal shower yogurt parfait bar

Fruit – Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches, bananas, pineapples, mango, blackberries and some dried fruits if you like.

Berries are excellent for bridal shower brunch yogurt parfait toppings

Nuts and SeedsCashew, peanuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, almonds, pecans, walnuts, hemp seeds

Almonds can be used as toppings for yogurt

GrainsGranola, oats, cinnamon

Granola for yogurt bar toppings

Sweets – Honey, caramel, chocolate chips, candy bars, sprinkles

Honey can be used as a sweetener for the yogurt


The serving supplies depends on the type of bridal shower brunch you are throwing. If the brunch is a formal affair, glass or plastic flutes should be provided for serving the yogurt.

If it is a casual affair then you can use clear plastic cups. If you are going for a rustic look the yogurt can be served with mason jars, you can even use personalized mason jars to make it more special.

To keep costs down you can buy the mason jars in packs.

Personalized mason jars for yogurt parfait bar.
Personalized Mason Jars,

Set Up

One hour before the bridal shower brunch, set up all serving dishes, cups and spoons on the table. Slice all fresh fruits and place them in bowls, place all other ingredients apart from the yogurt in bowls too and label each accordingly so guests can easily recognize each item.

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Few minutes before guests arrive place yogurt in serving bowls too. It is recommended that you use serving dishes that stay cool for serving both the yogurt and fresh fruits to ensure that the yogurt and fruits stay fresh till when they are served to guests.

If you do not have serving dishes that stay cool then you should keep the yogurt refrigerated until you are ready to serve to guests.

How to Serve

Serving a yogurt parfait is very easy, just put all toppings and yogurt in bowls, jars or cups (whatever you are serving the yogurt in) and serve!

An easier way is to let guests serve themselves, this way each guest can take whatever they want.

Yogurt parfait bar setup

That’s all there is to building the perfect bridal shower brunch yogurt parfait bar!

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