Bridal shower favors that are cheap and unique

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Though bridal shower favors aren’t a bridal shower requirement, a small gift will go a long way to show your appreciation to guests for coming to the shower. Bridal shower favors don’t have to be very expensive but the fact that it isn’t expensive doesn’t mean it has to be something the guest won’t appreciate.

Here is a list of unique bridal shower favors ideas that will be appreciated by the guests.

1. Sunglasses

These beautiful sunglasses are perfect bridal shower gifts and game prizes. Choose colors that work with the bridal shower theme.

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2. Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

Personalize these wine glasses with bridal shower guests names or monograms

3. Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters make a good bridal shower gift. You can make homemade cookies and package them in cellophane bags. Print out the recipe. Attach the recipe and a cookie cutter to each cellophane bag.

4. Personalized Lip Balms

Lip balms are great favors and they also very affordable. Send guests home with personalized lip balms.

5. Personalized Wildflower Seed Paper Matchbook

These personalized wildflower seed paper matchbook are Eco-friendly wedding shower favors. Let guests continue to remember the bridal shower as they grow their garden of colorful flowers

6. Tea Cups

Having a tea party shower? Continue the theme with monogrammed teacups stuffed with a packet of tea each. Set them out on a table with cute signs.

7. Succulent Bridal Shower Favor

Plants are popular shower gifts, so consider giving them out at the bridal shower especially if you are throwing a garden themed shower or flower themed shower. On a table, set up a display of various plants. You can decide to give each guest a different plant.

8. Picture Frame

We love this picture frame. Let guests display their pictures beautifully using the photo frame by sending them home with this beautiful bridal shower favors.

9. Candles

Who doesn’t like candles? Why not give candles out as favors. With candles you can choose from many different scents.

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10. Bouquet Station.

Throwing a flower themed shower? Take it a step further by providing a bouquet station where guests can build their own bouquet and take home with them.

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11. Cupcake Bridal Shower Favors

Having a tea party or picnic shower? Consider giving out cupcakes as favors. You can choose to make any cake flavor and color. You can even choose to co-ordinate the cake color with your bridal shower theme color. Place each cupcake in beautiful cupcake boxes.

 12. Soap Bridal Shower Favors

Handmade soap makes a beautiful gift for any occasion, so you could give soap out as a bridal shower favor. You can add personalized tags to each soap.

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13. Personalized Spoons

Personalizing your favors makes them personal and unique. You could give out personalized spoons at your bridal shower. Each can be personalized with the name of the guest and date of the bridal shower.

14. Bottle Stoppers Wedding Shower Favors

Are you throwing a garden party? You can complete the party by giving out this cute bottle stoppers.

15. Wine Glass

We can’t just get over these wine glasses. Looking for inexpensive yet special favors to give to guests? These wine glasses make for a perfect bridal shower favor.

16. Measuring Spoons

Dish out your love to the bridal shower guests with these measuring spoon favors

17. Trinket Dish

Every girl has a piece of jewelry so they will appreciate these monogrammed trinket dishes.

18. Sunscreen Bridal Shower Favors

Throwing an outdoor or beach themed bridal shower? Give out sunscreen favors so your guests won’t get sun burnt.

19. Personalized Necklaces

Every girl loves jewelry! Make the bridal shower guests feel special by giving them a personalized necklace with each person’s name.

20. Tea Basket

Tea baskets are also perfect bridal shower favors and game prizes. This works especially well if you are throwing a bridal shower brunch or tea party. Fill a basket with a beautiful tea cup, a selection of tea bags in different flavors and some cookies.

21. Honey Bridal Shower Favors

These personalized jars of honey are the best gift to send guests home with if you are throwing a tea themed bridal shower party.

22. The Perfect Blend Burlap Bag

This perfect blend burlap bag make for cute shower favors. You can make this extra special by stuffing the bag with your favorite tea blend.

23. Personalized Luggage Tags

Throwing a travel themed bridal shower? Let guests keep remembering your bridal shower for years to come by giving them these personalized luggage tags.

Remember, bridal shower favors do not have to be necessarily expensive. It’s the thought behind it that counts.

Go ahead and pick a favor or a combination of two or three these unique bridal shower favor ideas.

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