Clean bachelorette and bridal shower charades

Clean Bachelorette Charades



40 clean bachelorette charades. This game can also be played as a fun Pictionary game.

This game is a perfect ice breaker. It can be played at the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

Naughty bachelorette charades game can be found here>>


The cards are in print ready PDF format.

You will receive:
3 PDF pages of clean bachelorette party charades games.

The game prints 15 game cards per page so you get a total of 40 game cards. Simply print the files and cut out the cards. The finished size of each game card after cutting is 2.5×1.75 inches.

The file is formatted to print on 8.5×11 inches (US Letter) paper. It also prints perfectly on A4 Sheet


– This can be played as groups or individuals. Divide the guests into groups.
– If you will be playing as a group, Each group chooses a player. Players from each team or individual players take turn to pull a card from the deck and act out the phrase written on the cards without speaking while other team mates/players guess what it is  within a minute (To play as Pictionary draw the phrase for your team/players to guess)
– Each correct guess by a team earns them a point.
– The team with the most points wins, if played individually the player that guesses the most answers wins.


Please be aware that due to monitor and printer settings, the colors you see on your screen might differ from the final printed product.

This is an instant download for you to print at home. NO PHYSICAL ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED.

This file is for personal use only. It cannot be resold.


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