Bridal shower gifts for bride

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Attending a bridal shower and at a loss on what bridal shower gift to get for the bride. Most of the time couples have a wedding registry with a list of gifts they want but sometimes you find out most of the gifts have been purchased by other people. Not to worry, we’ve made a list of unique bridal shower gifts for the bride you won’t find on the wedding registry.

Whether you just want to add a more personalized touch to the bridal shower gifts or because most of the gifts on the couples wedding registry have been purchased, here is a list of bridal shower gifts the bride can’t help but fall in love with!

1. Custom Portrait

Does the bride love unique art pieces, why not commission a custom portrait of her and the groom? To make the gift one that bride would totally adore and have a good laugh at you can get an artist to sketch a fun caricature of the couple.

2. Date Night Jar

Help the couple keep their dating life fresh and exciting as they get married and start a new life together. Simply get date night cards and come up with a number of date night ideas you know the couple would love. Place this date night cards in a beautiful jar and gift it to the bride at the bridal shower. This bridal shower gift is inexpensive yet very thoughtful.

3. Spa Treatment

Wedding planning can be very stressful, what better way is there to help the bride relax and ease off the stress of wedding planning by getting her a luxury spa treatment. The bride would appreciate a massage, facial or manicure.

If you want something more affordable you can gift her a spa basket so she can pamper herself at home.

4. Lingerie

Help the bride stay sexy beyond the honeymoon by gifting her some beautiful lingerie. There are so many options when it comes to lingerie so no matter what she likes you will find some lingerie that would fit her taste. If the bride is conservative you can consider gifting her a peignoir set, if she is the adventurous type you can gift her some lace thongs and bra, crotch less panties, lace bodysuit etc.

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5. Wine Rack

If the couple are wine lovers there is no wedding shower gift they would appreciate more than a wine rack. Apart from the fact that the wine rack is perfect for organizing their wine collection it is also a great home decor.

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6. World Map

If the bridal shower is a travel/destination themed shower or if the soon to be couple love seeing the world gift them a scratch off map of the world. This way they can always plan their next adventures together and have a memento of amazing journey and adventures they have had in their home.

7. Photo Frame

Give the couple an excuse to display some of their wedding photos on their wall with a photo frame gift instead of putting them in a photo album where people won’t get to see them and it would most likely collect dust.

8. Recipe Box

Help build the bride-to-be’s recipe library by sharing with her some of your favorite recipes. Simply get some recipe cards and fill them with some of your favorite recipes and those family recipes she has always begged you for! Simply put these recipe cards in a recipe box and wait to see her face light up as she gets this on the bridal shower day.

9. Monogrammed Goods

A monogrammed gift is always appreciated. This is especially a great wedding shower gift if the bride will be changing her name. There are a ton of gifts you can get her from a kimono robe, slippers, keepsake boxes, jewelry and much more. This gift is still great even if she won’t be changing her name.

10. Art Prints

If your gal loves all things artsy and crafty, getting her art prints is a perfect gift. There are many affordable printable art prints that are available now. Buy some you think she would like. Print and frame them before gifting them.

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